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Deciphering Dreams: Is It a Warning, or Intuitive Guidance?

I knew my father was going to die four months before it happened.

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I didn’t want to accept it, even though this dream near the end of May had a very different quality to it than any of my other dreams. Besides, I thought, he was such a healthy 82-year-old. Still climbing ladders to cut down tree limbs and doing all the yard work a younger man in his 40s or 50s would hire someone else to do. How could this be? I tried rationalizing to minimize its meaning, but I knew in my gut that it was warning me of this life-changing event.

All the wonderful moments of my life with my father played out in front of my eyes.

This dream was very different. I was aware that I was dreaming. And, I was seeing it as if I were at a movie theater watching scenes of our life together appear up on the big screen.

I saw myself sitting on my Dad’s lap at 5 years old, then in the water at Jones beach and he was showing me how to dive under with my eyes open; then teaching me to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk outside our apartment building in New York; ice skating with my father in our back yard on the rink he’d built us after moving out of the city; working with my father to put up our above-ground pool….

The movie continued on like this all the way to the present with his helping me move into my current home. During the entire dream I felt the strength of the bond I had with my father, along with this incredible love for him that I can only describe as “celestial.”

I was being prepared for this terrible event.

I was shown the true essence of our relationship – the bond of love we formed which would last forever. The dream was really haunting and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

A little over a month later my father came down with a mysterious ailment that was later diagnosed as Lupus. He passed away on September 23rd. Of course, even though I’d had this dream I was not prepared for the depths of despair I would feel at his loss. Almost 6 months later, it’s still very hard to believe he’s gone.

In January, I started blogging and had a dream that I wrote about on my other blog: Mystic Musings & Meditations.

“Serenaded by Oprah”

Oprah came into a little gift shop I owned and sang the Mockingbird Song to the only other customer in the store. I wanted to get as close to Oprah as possible while she sang, but I felt as if I might be intruding on a private moment, so I backed up and missed out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. The store was empty, but once she started singing the store filled up to the point where I could barely see her through the crowd.

I understood that the dream was addressing my insecurities.

I was afraid of revealing so much of myself in a blog, and as to whether I could attract readers and truly offer them anything of value. My intuition was guiding me to open up and just start singing/writing, and the writing would attract a crowd/readership. My store would be filled with customers interested in the gifts on my shelves. The Mockingbird Song was a message not to worry – I would always be supported and guided by my intuition. Backing away from Oprah was telling me to get over my shyness of speaking up and going after what I wanted.

These two dreams were distinctly different but equally important in my growth as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Here’s how to tell the difference between a precognitive dream and an intuitive dream:

1. A precognitive dream feels very real. Many times you’ll even be aware that you’re having a dream. Awareness in the dream of having a dream is called Lucid dreaming.

2. You can’t forget the dream. It’s haunting and holds your attention for days or weeks afterward.

3. With a precognitive dream you’ll just know that it’s going to be so. No matter what you say to yourself to rationalize it – you know it’s true. You can’t shake the feeling of knowing.

4. Intuitive dreams have an a-ha quality. It’s more of a Eureka! moment. You see the error of your ways, or get an answer to a question, or situation you’ve been dealing with in your life.

5. You’re not aware that your dreaming. It feels like a regular dream – but with a clearly discernible message.

Is it the same for you? Have you had these two different types of dreams? Do you have another way of decoding whether it’s an intuitive dream or precognitive dream?


Want Intuitive Guidance? Start Remembering Your Dreams.

Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid you’d swear it really happened?

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Even if you had the dream years, and years ago – can you still recall it to this day?

There’s something so wonderful about having a dream and waking up and remembering it, isn’t there?

I have lots of dreams and I’ve trained myself to remember them. And, I’ve been recording them since I was a teenager.

One particularly vivid dream I had a few years ago comes to mind:

I was in the car with a client going to business meeting when I spotted my Aunt – who’d passed away – on the sidewalk chatting with some people. I was elated to see her. I was going to stop to get out and visit with her, but decided against it due to having the client with me. My Aunt saw me and waived me over excitedly, but I gave her a signal to wait for me and I be back as soon as I could. I needed to get to this business meeting. When I returned later my Aunt was gone. My heart sank when I realized what a special opportunity I’d missed to spend time with my Aunt.

Intuitive guidance comes through our dreams

The dream made me see that my life was out of balance. I had been putting my job ahead of everything, and my passions and personal life suffered for it.

I took the message from my intuition in that dream very seriously. I understood that if I didn’t do what I really wanted in my life – the opportunities might not always be there. I decided I had to make time to write and stick to it – no matter what. I didn’t want to look back someday and say why didn’t I follow my heart?

If you can’t remember the last time you had a dream then you’re missing out on an important way that intuition communicates with us.

Everybody dreams, even those of who say they can’t remember them.

Get into the habit of remembering your dreams and you’ll get the benefit of intuitive guidance.

Here’s a fool-proof way to remember your dreams:

1. Make sure you keep a pad and pen on your bedside table.

2. Set the alarm for a half hour earlier to have time to mull over your dream.

3. Create the intention to have a dream and recall it. Spend a few minutes before drifting off telling yourself that you want to have a dream, that you will have a dream and that you will readily and easily remember it.

4. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES right away when you wake up. After turning off the alarm clock – DO NOT MOVE. Just lay still to allow the dream to stay on the surface of your mind.

5. Do not allow pets to distract you when you wake, or better yet keep them out of the bedroom.

6. WRITE DOWN the pertinent details before they sink back down to the depths of the subconscious. I cannot tell you how many time I thought I’d remember a dream and didn’t write it down, only to find it had vanished moments later.

7. Do meditate directly after getting out of bed. If you’re not a meditator don’t turn on the radio or TV or talk right after waking either. Silence allows further dream fragments to bubble up to the surface of awareness.

That’s it. Now it’s up to you. Let me know how you make out.