Powered By Intuition is about honing your intuitive skills and learning to trust and use this guidance to live a fabulously fulfilling, brilliant and successful life. Please visit my other blog as well: www.mysticmusingsandmeditations.com

Hi, my name is Angela Artemis and I’ve been intuitive since I was a child. I’m practiced in giving readings for others and in being extremely accurate. The problem has been when it comes to myself. I’ve always gotten the information – loud and clear – but for some reason never trusted it and second guessed myself, only to learn later that I had been right all along and should have listened to my intuition.

One year ago I decided that I was living my life all wrong. I was making decisions based on fear and on what seemed the right thing to do at the time rather than by what my intuition was telling me to do. Ignoring my gut was making me miserable. I was in a job I hated and surrounded by people who didn’t value what I had to offer. The light inside me was dying because I wasn’t being true to myself.

When I was at my lowest point it finally hit me – I had nothing to lose if I listened to my intuition since at the time I felt things couldn’t get much worse.  I decided then and there to stop playing it safe and trust my intuition to guide me to where I needed to go. From then on I’ve been listening to my intuition to make every decision and my life has improved in so many ways.

This is a journal of how my life has changed and is changing by the day as I continue to trust in my intuition to guide me. I’ve made mistakes along the way since I started this experiment, but knowing now that it was because I ignored my intuition I am able to get back on track quickly.

I’ve learned so mcu and want to share my tips, tools and tales to help others.


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  1. Hi Angela,
    I got to your site via A-list Blogging. Intuition is a subject that I am curious about and have always been attracted to. All your articles were very enjoyable to read. There are many who can relate to these stories because we are taught not to trust our intuition too much because it is not reality. But, then we do regret it when something goes wrong. Your articles help us become aware of what we should be noticing in our lives. Keep it up!

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